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Welcome to "Writers at Work"


Writing is hard fun.  ~ Donald Murray


This site provides a publishing resource for my students whereby writers (that's you) can help students learn from your work.


Please add ideas, stories, resources, suggestions, poetry, prose, fiction, nonfiction, etc.  All work will be considered under a Creative Commons license.


Because this site is a resource and publishing venue for students, please follow our guidelines for writing on the site. Information on how to write on the wiki is here: WhatWikiIs


Write on!

Right on!


Write now!

Right now!


Current Project


A poem a day for many years: See-Frame-Focus



Poem in Your Pocket

Ideas for celebrating "A Poem in Your Pocket Day" 4/26


Current Events

National Poetry Month

"A Poem in Your Pocket Day"


Writer's Recipe



1 cup diligence

3 cups smiles

25 sharpened pencils

35 colored pens

1 ton of paper

2 cups of redo

4 tablespoons everyday words

25 gallons of questions

6 cups vivid verbs

4 cups nifty nouns

a sprinkle of adjectives and adverbs

1 ton of patience

65 gallons of listening

2 tons of friends

35 resources of good ideas, including yourself



Gather paper, pens, and pencils and place on desk. Look through own mind and other resources for one excellent and specific idea. Begin with everyday words about the idea. Share with a friend for more information, or research in your resources. Add diligence as you specify with nifty nouns. Listen to a friend again. Add his/her questions to your own to redo the idea with more details. Sprinkle the adjectives and adverbs sparingly. Pour in the patience and stir in the vivid verbs, redoing as necessary. Listen to the lilt of your words and present your product, smiling at your success as a writer.


 What do you think? Will you accept the challenge?


 I hope so -- we need your wonderful words to help each other grow as writers.   Ms. Edwards



Acceptable Use Policy


In order to contribute to this site, users must agree to the site's Wiki Etiquette to promote a positive and safe Internet presence for us. You will be asked to agree when you start to edit or add a page.


Ask your teacher for the password.


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shee, Shee's March Work, practice, 3/2/07

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at 4:47 pm on Mar 2, 2007

Comments: Write your heading initials (coded name), title of page, title of work, and date completed.

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at 1:21 am on Oct 8, 2006

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